High Gloss and Matt colours

  • ultratouch – Black or Pure White or Tungsten
  • ultragloss – a range of 7 colours of the best gloss available in the world
  • Minimal Range – the handleless range – available in 3 ultratouch and 4 ultragloss colours


We have 2 ranges of benchtops

Benchtop Blanks comes in standard lengths so you can cut to size on site and clash seen ends with the clashing strips supplied. Note the Benchtop Blanks range is ideal for straight lengths but it is difficult to join on site to make L or U shaped benchtops, we suggest you then choose a TopSix top.

TopSix Range is a custom top range, they are cut and clashed to size for you



Benchtop Blanks are 30mm thick, front edge rolled with a 5mm radius, back edge and ends unclashed

  • 1800x600mm, 1800mm of loose clashing strip supplied, front edge rolled with a 5mm radius, back edge and ends unclashed
  • 3600x600mm, 3600mm of loose clashing strip supplied,front edge rolled with a 5mm radius, back edge and ends unclashed
  • 3600x900mm, 50mm arc on one end, other end unclashed, clashing strip not supplied, front and back edges rolled with a 5mm radius
  • Veneto marble
  • Imperial White
  • Avalon Granite Black

UNO Top Six Benchtop Range

  • Tops are 37mm thick and are Made in NZ
  • They are cut, clashed and machined for site joining
  • Joining kits supplied
  • Sink and hob cut outs not included

Handle Collection

Dozens of other handle options can be sourced for you by your ITM store.